Apeuree ( Scared )

short film
puppet animation
directing : Patricia Sourdès
music : Aidan Smith
voice : Jean Rochefort
editing : Elise Lobry
sound : Le labo de la souris

A little girl plagued by her fears and imagination is developing techniques in order to manage
her daily life: magical thinking, avoidance. Could reaching out to others be the solution?


- Cartoons on the bay ( Italy ) Pulcinella Award for the best music

- festival des 24 Courts (France ) best short ( less than 5 min category)

- festival national du film d'animation de Bruz ( AFCA ) ( France ) special mention

- Courts dans la vallée, Prémian ( France ) best animated film

- Montreal stop motion film festival ( Canada ) best independent short film

- festival les Ustensibles, Mulhouse ( France ) best professional short film